Tutu Walk Public Service Announcement


October Events Celebrating Women

Collaboration with Students and Student Groups

WellCo is delighted to be in partnership with the MS & HS STUCO, MS ABC (Anti-Bullying Committee), the Student Wellness Council, and We for She club.

We are united in our goal to highlight and educate the community on:

  • Respect and Tolerance
  • Women's Health 
  • Body Image
  • Gender Equity
  • Women and Education
  • Leadership and Empowerment


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WellCo Soiree & fundraiser (STAFF ONLY): Wednesday, October 18th 4:30-6:00pm

Dress code: Tutu

Join in the fun as we all celebrate and support women’s health. Here’s how:

  • Buy a Wellco supplied tutu for 30 rmb + 20rmb for a ticket to the soiree (donation goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation)
  • Have your own tutu to wear? Put 20 rmb into donation jar for entry.
  • FREE entry and a FREE tutu… if you supply a plate of comfort food that a special woman has inspired. Share the recipe with us. Eat everything.
    • Theme: Food celebrating an awesome woman figure in your life (make enough for 15)
    • We will take pictures & videos to create a digital recipe book from this event.

Email kfidler@isb.bj.edu.cn to sign up your soulful, woman-inspired comfort food


Community Movie Night
Wonder Woman!

(wouldn't she look awesome in a tutu)
6:30 pm MPR, Fri Nov 3

Free entry

Open to the entire community; movie begins after International Day activities conclude.

Organized in collaboration with the Student Wellness Council and We for She club.


Women & Financial Health

Certified Financial Planner Lara Yates, a senior financial advisor at Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. will be at ISB to provide tips and strategies on "Building a Healthy Financial Future" this coming Wednesday Nov. 1. The lunchtime presentation in the MPR is open to everyone in the ISB community. The good news is, if your schedule doesn't allow you to attend, we will post a recording of the session on our Financial/Occupational page. But come if you can, for an opportunity to ask questions.

A great  Washington Post article on new movies  that center on women protagonists, social issues, and stories around the lives of interesting and great women.

A great Washington Post article on new movies that center on women protagonists, social issues, and stories around the lives of interesting and great women.

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#We for Women: Tutu Walks

Buy a tutu and join us in a Wednesday Tutu Walk to spread the message of Strength. Everyone is welcome! Lunchtime in the cafeteria. 

Every Wednesday in October (11th, 18th and 25th), come join us in a Tutu Walk. Staff + students, parents welcomed.

  • Take a photo and post with hashtag: #WeForWomen, #GirlAlmighty, #ActLikeAQueen, #YOUGOGIRL...
  • Middle School tutu walk starts at 11:30, HS tutu walk at 12:50

See below to sign up for the Tutu Pledge fundraiser...


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Tutu Pledge

Support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

We will be selling "pledges" as well as tutus, to raise funds for breast cancer research. Staff are invited via the Tutu Pledge Form to be nominated for pledges. 

  1. Anyone can donate 20 rmb to pledge someone from a list of nominees (ISB staff who've opted in). 
  2. Nominees will participate in at least one Wednesday Tutu walk. 
  3. Pledged Tutu nominees get a tutu from WellCo... please feel welcome to return to WellCo for reuse & recycling :)

Apart from the tutu and pledge sales in October, all donations to the BCRF are warmly welcomed.


Fight for Cure tshirt.jpg

Fight for a Cure Charity Volleyball & Basketball

Put on your tutu and come cheer on our players! If you feel brave enough to take on our high school JV & varsity athletes, email HS student Grace Yuan to sign up for the volleyball game on Oct 25 (starts 4:30pm), basketball game on Oct 27 (starts 6pm). It’s been a tradition at ISB to hold Faculty vs Student games. This year parents are invited to join in. 

The students invite donations and will be selling Fight for a Cure t-shirts @80 rmb to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 



Monitor Your Blood Pressure

'Just a Little Heart Attack' is an informative and humorous video from the American Heart Association. 

Our fabulous ISB nurses will set up a Blood Pressure monitoring station during lunch, in the Staff Lounge, throughout the month of October.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 am to 1 pm.   

You can also see them in one of the nurses' office anytime and they will happily take your blood pressure to help establish a baseline.

Here are some links to learn about stroke.

"Each year stroke kills twice as many women as breast cancer. However, this fact is widely unknown among the general public. Women are also less knowledgeable about the risk factors and don’t perceive themselves at risk for stroke”. http://www.stroke.org/understand-stroke/impact-stroke/women-and-stroke

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Women and Music

Join the community to celebrate and explore NPR's list of 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women.  The event will take place Thursday, October 19 at Lakers in Pinnacle Plaza.  5-9pm.  Adult only event. 

Bridget Schroeder will lead our amazing campus deejays through some mini-sets of the following artists from the NPR List:

Janet Jackson- Sandy
Tori Amos-Stacy
Queen Latifiah-Deb
Gillian Welch-Skye
Madonna (Like a Virgin)-Sandy & Deb
Cyndi Lauper- Catherine and Eileen
Shania Twain-Jen
Alison Krauss-Skye
No Doubt- Kelsey
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Angie
Carly Simon- Bec
Sonic Youth- Angie
Still choosing: Angela, Monique, Kathryn, and the host herself, Bridget

Also: Share a journey with Monique Cover as she shares the stories behind her Shakira playlist in the first episode of the DJ Teach podcast.





We unite.

"At BCRF, we unite around research, the only way we’ll achieve a future beyond breast cancer. We fund collaborative research, letting the finest minds in the field advance their best ideas and build on each other’s discoveries.

"That research will be what stops cancer from dividing—and it’s already delivering. The innovative work BCRF funds is improving care and transforming lives every day. That means longer lifespans, shorter hospital stays and less suffering.

"But that research relies on us all. Each and every one of us has a critical role to play in ending breast cancer: Scientists. Patients. Caregivers. Donors. Families.

"Friends. Communities. You."

Learn More About Breast Cancer and get resources here.

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Prevention Is Better than Cure

If you are pressed for time, take advantage of free on-site "mini checkups" by ParkwayHealth on Oct 31 and Nov 1 (Tue-Wed) - STAFF ONLY.

A blood sample requires fasting for at least 7 hours, hence you'll have the option of doing it early in the morning (venue: Staff Lounge). ParkwayHealth will bring a team of experienced doctors and nurses; results come back quickly, and based on these you can easily arrange for follow-up tests as may be recommended.

To learn more about the health checkups or to sign up, stop by the Staff Lounge on Oct 17 or 18, 11:30am to 2pm, to speak to the ParkwayHealth team. You can also email PWH's Sharon Yang to book a time.

Comprehensive medical checkup packages in Beijing are posted on Dragons' Gate here. They have been negotiated for our teachers to be within the Cigna wellness benefit (deductible & co-pay do not apply).