November is Movember at ISB

Wellco’s celebrates great men and reminds us to speak up about men's health! 

All donations go to the Movember Foundation.

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Consider these important statistics:

  • Globally, male life expectancy lags 5 years behind female life expectancy.

  • Men have a more than 40% chance of dying between 50 and 74, compared to women at 30%.

  • The global suicide rate in men is almost twice that of women.

  • Male depression and body image disorders are significantly under-diagnosed and untreated.

Shave-off Monday (Friday, Nov 1)

During MS/HS lunch time, come to the cafeteria to get clean shaven and start growing an awesome mo or beard!

Great Chili Cook-Off
(Wed, Nov 6)

Look forward to the annual, intensely competitive on-campus event to bring awareness to women’s and men's health months. After school in the staff lounge. Staff (and significant others) Only Event.

ES Passport to Healthy Habits.png

ES Passport to Healthy Habits

All October and November the Elementary School will be focused on whole child health with the Passport to Healthy Habits project! Students will be provided a list of healthy habits to complete during this period such as ‘Read a Book’, ‘Play outside for an hour’, and ‘Say something you like about yourself each day’.

Links Recommended by the ISB Nurses

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(Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia)

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