Celebrate Strong and Healthy Women

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2019 Schedule of Events

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All Proceeds this month go to support the China Women’s Development Foundation

The purpose of the China Women’s Development Foundation is to safeguard women's rights and interests, improve women's quality of life, and promote the development of women and women's causes in China, so as to make contributions to the building of a harmonious society.

ISB raised and donated 4,145 RMB in 2018; 6570 RMB in 2019.



Tuesday Tutu Walks

Buy (40 RMB) or rewear your tutu from last year and join the ISB community as we stand up and celebrate strong and healthy women! Staff, Students and Parents are welcomed!


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Mighty Girls and Strong Women

Calling all Mighty Girls and Strong Women! As part of ISB's Celebrate Strong and Healthy Women Month we will be filling the Secondary Library glass wall with photos of girls and women who demonstrate being of strong mind and spirit!

Empower your friends or find a photo of a woman you admire and post your pictures on the Secondary Library glass wall!

ES Passport to Healthy Habits

All October and November the Elementary School will be focused on whole child healthy with the Passport to Healthy Habits project! Students will be provided a list of healthy habits to complete during this period such as ‘Read a Book’, ‘Play outside for an hour’, and ‘Say something you like about yourself each day’.

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Source: http://www.feby.com/

Source: http://www.feby.com/

Moon Cycle Bracelet Making (MS Girls)

Celebrating and raising awareness around tracking the cycles of the moon within your own body!


Women’s Health Talk with Dr. Vanessa Rosado

Join us in talking about women’s health hosted by Dr. Vanessa Rosado, Obstetrician and Gynecologist from OASIS International Hospital

Open to All ISB Students, Staff and Parents