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Can The Best Financial Tips Fit On An Index Card? Below is Rosemary Boardman's international educator version. See the original article that inspired her here.


Financial and Occupational Wellness

The WellCo financial and occupational strand supports employees in being informed consumers, planning for future financial stability, weighing sustainable and service driven charity, seeking professional growth, and finding best ways to balance budgets in Beijing. 

Get Your Financial Wellness Jumpstart

Certified Financial Planner Lara Yates, a senior financial advisor atRaymond James Financial Services, Inc. spent time at ISB giving tips and strategies on "Building a Healthy Financial Future" on Nov. 1. The lunchtime presentation in the MPR was hugely helpful and you can watch it here.

WellCo's resident financial guru, Rosemary Boardman, looks forward to hosting more targeted discussions throughout the year to continue building on your financial wellness. Please spend a few minutes on the survey below, that will help Rosemary line up topics of immediate interest to you.

Financial Checklists - smart tools courtesy of Raymond James