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ParkwayHealth to offer free onsite mini checkups Oct 31 and Nov 1 (Tue-Wed)

ParkwayHealth are coming back this Fall to offer ISB employees free mini checkups and consultation. Prevention is better than cure!

A blood sample requires fasting for at least 7 hours, hence you'll have the option of doing the checkup early in the morning (venue: Staff Lounge). ParkwayHealth will bring a team of experienced doctors and nurses; results come back quickly, and based on these you can easily arrange for follow-up tests as may be recommended.

Watch this space/expect an email from HR for more details.

Comprehensive medical checkup packages in Beijing are also posted on Dragons' Gate here. They have been negotiated for our teachers to be within the Cigna wellness benefit (deductible & co-pay do not apply). 


August 2017 Healthcare News

You may have noticed that we can look forward to even more onsite medical services at ISB this year. Full details including Doctor bios and pharmacy delivery procedures are housed here on Dragons' Gate. 

All onsite services are open to all employees free of charge. You will be charged only if you require follow-up treatment at the provider's offsite facilities.

In addition to GP/family doctor and physiotherapist visits, we will have a chiropractor and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) specialist visiting this year. We are excited to bring you access to these two forms of alternative medicine and welcome your feedback as you take advantage of these resources. 

Regretfully we will no longer have onsite services from Hong Kong International Medical Clinic (HKIMC), as they have not been able to commit to the same frequency of GP visits as in the past. Similarly to HKIMC, ParkwayHealth is covered at 100% by the Cigna medical insurance plan. Their clinic is also situated closer to ISB and they'll even provide transportation if the timing is right.

Want to learn more about chiropractors and TCM? Here are some websites you can check out.

For all of the above services, email or call Yuan Yuan in HR:, ext. 1021, to book a time.

If you have questions or feedback regarding the monthly onsite consultations, or any other aspects of accessing Beijing healthcare, please feel free to see me or connect with our medical insurance broker: