On-Site Health Services

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What Health Services are Provided?

As part of our staff wellness program, ISB has partnered with Hong Kong International Medical Clinic (HKIMC) and New Century Harmony Clinic (NCHC) to offer free mini (15-min) checkups and consultations related to general practice, physiotherapist, chiropractor, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Additional details including Doctor bios can be found on Dragon’s Gate (internal site). Prevention is better than a cure!  

All on-site services are open to all employees free of charge. You will be charged only if you require follow-up treatment at the provider's offsite facilities.

It is encouraged to book only one medical on-site service at a time please, due to demand. Multiple bookings e.g. chiro + physio should be made only if necessary (e.g. as part of follow-up or ongoing treatment). 

Want to learn more about chiropractors and TCM? Here are some websites you can check out.

To book a time email or call Yuan Yuan in HR: yjia@isb.bj.edu.cn, ext. 1021, (appointments are on a first-come first-serve basis).

Please mark the time & date on your calendar to remind yourself of your appointment(s)! Make sure you are able to honor all appointments, so we don't lose a spot all together that could go to someone else in need.

If you have questions or feedback regarding the on-site consultations, or any other aspects of accessing Beijing healthcare, see Yuan Yuan or email our medical insurance broker at isbhelp@oneworldcover.com.

Comprehensive medical checkup packages in Beijing are also posted on Dragons' Gate (internal site). They have been negotiated for our teachers to be within the Cigna wellness benefit (deductible & co-pay do not apply).

SY2019-20 Schedule

Typical Schedule 12:00 to 4:30 PM (15-min appointments) hosted in the ES or HS Nurse Offices

General Practice

Thursday September 5 
Thursday October 10 
Thursday November 7 
Thursday December 12 
Thursday February 6 
Thursday March 5 
Thursday April 9 
Thursday May 7 
Thursday June 4 

Thursday August 22  
Thursday September 19  
Thursday October 24  
Thursday November 28  
Thursday January 9  
Thursday February 20  
Thursday March 19  
Thursday April 23  
Thursday May 21


Tuesday September 3
Tuesday October 8
Tuesday November 5
Tuesday December 3
Tuesday January 14
Tuesday February 18
Tuesday March 17
Tuesday April 21
Tuesday May 19


Thursday September 12 
Thursday October 17 
Thursday November 21 
Thursday December 19 
Thursday February 13 
Thursday March 12 
Thursday April 16 
Thursday May 14 
Thursday June 4 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Thursday September 26 
Thursday October 31 
Thursday December 5 
Thursday February 27 
Thursday March 6 
Thursday April 30 
Thursday May 28