On-Site Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling


ISB is pleased to announce that ISB will continue to host onsite one-on-one psychotherapy and psychological counseling sessions with western-trained therapist this school year. Sessions will resume on August 28. 

Like before, the sessions will be available to both students and staff, with 5 sessions available to students and 4 to staff each time. All student sessions are arranged in conjunction with the counselors' office and we are extremely excited to be making this much-needed service available to our student population.

Meet the Therapists

If there is additional demand, we will be looking to add a second (Chinese-speaking, bilingual) therapist.

ISB has partnered with Raffles Medical for this important service as they have some of the best western-trained mental health professionals in Beijing and a strong reputation for meeting the needs of international schools – both students and faculty.

 Session Booking

To Book An Appointment: https://calendly.com/oneworldcover/isb-onsite-therapist?month=2019-08

Please remember to book your session by 4:30PM at least two (2) days prior to the date of the appointment. Please note the sessions are not free-of-charge and duration is 40 minutes.

For employees, the coordination of the booking will be handled online to ensure confidentiality, set up by our medical insurance broker, One World Cover. Once you have "booked" an appointment online you will receive an email re-confirming the date and time in a reminder email a few days before your session. When you book a session it should be automatically added to your work calendar -- double check to make sure. It is extremely important to be punctual for sessions once booked.

Once you’ve booked a session, a Raffles Medical representative will contact you about submitting a consent form and making payment. Consent forms are posted here: medical-onsite-visit.aspx for reference. The consent form must be sent back to Raffles and payment made prior to you seeing the therapist.  If you do not show up or cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, you will be charged the full cost of the missed session.

 Session Location

Room 2810, the Facilities Conference Room behind the Upper Gallery. From the direction of Elementary School, on the second floor head towards the stadium past the Theater. Turn left into the corridor just before the exit doors to the stadium. Room 2810 will be around the corner to your right. It is possible to access or leave this area via the back staircase (behind the Mail Room… back of the building).

 Session Cost

RMB 1,590 for the first session and RMP 1,460 for each session thereafter.

Payment options include making payment at the clinic in Dongzhimen, bank transfer, and WeChat Pay/Alipay. For instructions about WeChat Pay, click here.

Can I claim the sessions with Cigna? Yes, but only on a pay and claim basis. Once you have made payment, Raffles Medical will send you a fapiao within a few days of you seeing the therapist. Once you have the fapiao, for claims under RMB 3,000, you can submit the claim to Cigna by email (cignacmb@cigna.com) sending a scanned copy of the fapiao, medical report (or arrange for the therapist to complete section D of the claim form) and CIGNA & CMB - Medical Claim Form EN. Reimbursement can only be made to your China bank account. Please note that Raffles will take care of all pre-authorization requirements with Cigna. The sessions cannot be claimed under the Ping An Health plan.

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns we would like to direct you to our medical insurance broker One World Cover. They can be contacted at isbhelp@oneworldcover.com. At ISB we take issues of confidentiality very seriously and feel that our staff will be more comfortable asking questions about this type of treatment/service through a trusted third party. Many of you will be familiar with One World Cover from their regular visits to ISB. They have helped coordinate this service for ISB so are well positioned to answer any questions you might have.

Cigna members, a reminder that you have access to the International Employee Assistance Program. This service, at no cost to members, allows 24/7 access to short-term professional counseling, up to five private sessions by phone, email or web, to help you regain focus before any work or life issue becomes a larger problem.