Shunyi Running

A few of our favorite running routes for the ISB community to try out!

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3K Route - Yosemite

Leaving the ISB North Gate, head west (LEFT) towards Yosemite. Go through the light and continue along Anhua Lu. At the next LEFT, turn and then follow this road down, around the bend and past the entrance to Yosemite. You will soon see the Yosemite ponds on your RIGHT and the road back to ISB on your LEFT. Turn here and head back to the West Gate. This will make the run at about 2.75 km. If you return to the North Gate, you will get 3 km.

ISB 5k.png

5K Route - ISB Basic Box

Starting at the ISB North Gate, head west (left down Anhua. Go through the first intersection and continue along Yosemite. At the next road, take a left and continue following this road along the outside of Yosemite. You will hit the 1, 2 and 3km marks along here. At first light (Gahood / Capital Paradise) intersection, take a left.

Just at hte 4km mark, you will reach Tianbei for another left. Continue until the first main intersection, which is Anhua. Take your final left and return to ISB.

7K Route - BSB to Shine City to Capital Paradise via Canal

This route starts at the ISB North Gate and ends at the West Gate. To get going from the North Gate, go west (LEFT) until the traffic light. Turn RIGHT to cross the road and you will soon pass the British School of Beijing (BSB) and then New Talent on your left. At the light, turn RIGHT along the backside of the apartments. Soon, you will pass over TianBei Lu. Continue until you reach the canal. Shine City will be in front of you but do not go over the bridge. Turn RIGHT. Follow the canal as it goes past Anhua Lu and to the end of the path where you again rejoin TianBei Lu. Cross and follow the road towards the river. At the “T” junction, turn RIGHT, cross the bridge and run along the road behind Capital Paradise. Continue along this road until you get to the Yosemite gardens. Turn RIGHT on the road of the ISB West Gate and enjoy the end of the run!

10K Route - Out and Back on the Red Path

This running route starts at the West Gate of ISB. You will run on the road past Yosemite and take a left at the “T”. Then take the first right on a road with a small climb up to River Road. You will cross this road. Caution: Cars more fast here! Descend and then take a right on the red path. Continue as it bends back to River Road (again, careful crossing). You will cross and run 50 meters or so on the road to the left to rejoin the red path. Relax and enjoy the run along the path until you eventually (just after 5k) meet River Road again. At the point, turn around and retrace your steps to ISB for a solid 10k run.