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2018 Sustainability Impact Report


Short intro text…

Start with Graphs for each Target

Waste Disposal

OUR GOAL - 60% Reduction by 2025


Short opening statement (nothing time specific so can stay the same each year)


Statement of progress against each target/commitments/standards w/icon depicting impact of last year’s efforts ‘Significant Impact’, ‘Some Impact’, ‘No change’ OR icon depicting overall progress ‘On-Track’, ‘Additional effort needed’, ‘Not started’

Visualize data unless shown above

Outline of activities completed / in-progress


The challenge of climate change demands a bold response and clear action from organizations and individuals. Harvard is committed to transitioning away from fossil fuel use by accelerating solutions that enhance public health, improve building efficiency, and promote renewable energy.


Closing statement related to boundary of data, data exceptions, clarifications from prior year, etc.