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ISB Blood Drive

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In December 2016, we organized an urgent blood drive with the goal of supporting our colleague, Ye Peng, Performing Arts Secretary and longtime ISB employee. "My journey has been a long one and the ISB community has been extremely supportive," Ye writes. 

She is delighted that ISB is organizing a second in-school blood drive. "As a person who has benefited from blood donation, I am grateful but most of all, it has saved my life. There are so many people out there who need a blood transplant every day. You will feel good knowing you have helped change a life."

Please click here to read FAQs and guidelines and make sure you are eligible to be a donor. We hope to see you in the Dome on May 8. 

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to Apr 27

Free onsite Eye Checkups

Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital will bring a doctor, nurse and an optometrist on campus Thursday April 26 and Friday April 27 to conduct free eye examinations here at ISB.

The tests will include a standard opthalmic exam, a vision acuity test and a slit-lamp examination. Each eye exam will take between 3-5 minutes. There is no need to make an appointment - just head along to the Staff Lounge if you have a free 5-10 minutes.


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to Apr 25

Free onsite Health Checkups

When:  April 17 & 18 (Tue-Wed), April 24 & 25 (Tue-Wed)

What:   Basic physical examination and blood test, free of charge (see Basic Health Screening items listed on DG, under Wellness Information)

When:  7 - 9 am, April 17 & 18 (Tue-Wed), April 24 & 25 (Tue-Wed)  *Note: Fasting required for the blood draw

Where:  Staff Lounge

Who:     Available to all ISB employees 

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to Apr 27

Friendship You Yi Cup

Friendship Cup table tennis tournament.png

The ISB Friendship You Yi Cup is coming! Join others in a friendly ping pong competition in the theatre foyer area. Sign up for lunchtime and after-school matches on April 17, 19, 24 and 26 or come cheer on our spectacular players!

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to Apr 11

Bringing the doctor to you

Sign up in the Staff Lounge on Apr 10 & 11 (lunchtime, in the Staff Lounge) to take advantage of free onsite health checkups by ParkwayHealth.

The onsite free health checkups are scheduled for 7-9am, Apr 17-18 (Tue-Wed) and April 24-25 (Tue-Wed) in the Staff Lounge. Health screening items posted under Wellness Information, Human Resources section of Dragons' Gate.


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Wine & Design
3:30 PM15:30

Wine & Design

Join us for a relaxing session of Wine & Design with Jenny Winkelman in the ceramics workshop Room #1400. We will be creating European breakfast sets or Chinese tea sets. Snacks will also be served - feel welcome to bring your favorite snacks to share.

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Together in 2018
5:30 PM17:30

Together in 2018

The girls had one and the boys are ready to rock their own.

Boys DJ night will be headlining alongside Small Fortunes (all staff band) at the all-school social this Friday, March 16th at the Lakers.

RSVP your divisional office to experience this awesome musical extravaganza!

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3:45 PM15:45

Zero Waste Challenge

Thursday Nov 2nd, a Zero Waste Beijing Company, the Bulk House, is coming to ISB to talk to you about how you can go Zero Waste!

From 3:45-4:15 in the MS/HS Library Collaborative Space learn some practical solutions, suggestions, tips, tricks and places to go shopping so that we can produce less waste to improve ensure a flourishing environment for future generations.

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11:30 AM11:30

Get a Jumpstart on (Early Retirement) Your Financial Wellness

Venue: MPR

Certified Financial Planner Lara Yates, a senior financial advisor at Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. will be at ISB to provide tips and strategies on "Building a Healthy Financial Future" on Wednesday Nov. 1. The lunchtime presentation in the MPR is open to everyone in the ISB community. The good news is, if your schedule doesn't allow you to attend, we will post a recording of the session here. But please come if you can, for an opportunity to ask questions.

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to Nov 1

Free onsite mini health checkups (STAFF ONLY)

Too busy to go get a checkup? Take advantage of free on-site "mini checkups" by ParkwayHealth on Oct 31 and Nov 1  (STAFF ONLY).

A blood sample requires fasting for at least 7 hours, hence you'll have the option of doing it early in the morning (venue: Staff Lounge). ParkwayHealth will bring a team of experienced doctors and nurses; results come back quickly, and based on these you can easily arrange for follow-up tests as may be recommended.

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to Oct 27

Fight for a Cure Charity Volleyball & Basketball Games

Put on your tutu and come cheer on our players! If you feel brave enough to take on our high school JV & varsity athletes, email HS student Grace Yuan to sign up for the volleyball game on Oct 25 (starts 4:30pm), basketball game on Oct 27 (starts 6pm). It’s been a tradition at ISB to hold Faculty vs Student games. This year parents are invited to join in. The students invite donations and are selling Fight for a Cure t-shirts @80 rmb to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

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5:00 PM17:00

Music: Turning the Tables - NPR's 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women

Come to LAKERS as Bridget Schroeder leads other campus deejays in discussing and exploring songs from the NPR Ranking of the  150 Greatest Albums Made By Women.    Adult only event. 

Our amazing campus deejays will guide you through mini-sets of the following artists from the NPR List:

Janet Jackson- Sandy
Tori Amos-Stacy
Queen Latifiah-Deb
Gillian Welch-Skye
Madonna (Like a Virgin)-Sandy & Deb
Cyndi Lauper- Catherine and Eileen
Shania Twain-Jen
Alison Krauss-Skye
No Doubt- Kelsey
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Angie
Carly Simon- Bec
Sonic Youth- Angie
Still choosing: Angela, Monique, Kathryn, and the host herself, Bridget

Jump onto Spotify or Youtube playlists to preview some of these amazing and legendary artists.

Some interesting tidbits:

Adam Tondowsky says:  I think they’re all by American or British Artists. Of course, the American ones include a handful of Latino records. There may be one or two additions to America or Britain but no more than that. I don’t think that’s unexpected though as I don’t know that it’s realistic to expect that the NPR editors will know a great deal of world music. Just simply rename this list in your mind as NPR’s greatest 150 British and American albums by women.

HR Sutton says: I just created Youtube playlists for the list but I divided them by decades because I don’t care about the rankings. This way I can see the progression from 1964 to 2016. The only two I couldn’t get were Liz Phair Exile in Guysville and Beyoncé Lemonade.

Here are the links: 1960s
2000s & 2010s

Hope you like them.

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4:30 PM16:30

TU LOVE, TU EAT, TU PLAY - WellCo Women's Celebration Soiree

Dress code: Tutu

Join in the fun as we all celebrate and support women’s health. Here’s how:

  • Buy a Wellco supplied tutu for 30 rmb + 20rmb for a ticket to the soiree (donation goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation)
  • Have your own tutu to wear? Put 20 rmb into donation jar for entry.
  • FREE entry and a FREE tutu… if you supply a plate of comfort food that a special woman has inspired. Share the recipe with us. 
    • Theme: Food celebrating an awesome woman figure in your life (make enough for 15)
    • We will take pictures & videos to create a digital recipe book from this event.

Email to sign up your soulful, woman-inspired comfort food

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5:00 PM17:00

Employee Wellness Workshop

Mindful Teacher, Mindful School: Developing Self-awareness and Self-care in Ourselves and in Our Schools:

Mindfulness is ‘present moment awareness’, and there is now considerable and compelling evidence that developing mindful awareness is a very effective way of alleviating stress, anxiety and depression as well as promoting wellbeing and flourishing. This experiential workshop will provide an introduction to the theory and the practice of mindfulness, and will consider the growing evidence base for the benefits that it offers teachers and students.  Participants will explore ways to focus and sustain attention using physical sensations as anchors whenever the mind wanders.  As well as providing us with a ‘toolbox’ of techniques to apply in daily life, mindful awareness training can also help create a deeper sense of calm and space in a busy school day.

This session will include an introduction to mindful awareness curricula currently being used in primary and secondary schools.  We will also consider how mindfulness skills can connect to other areas of school life, to the development of enhanced social and emotional learning and to a broader culture of wellbeing in school communities.  

In order for us to provide a safe and nurturing environment, we also need to be able to understand and care for ourselves. We will explore in practical ways how developing greater self awareness can transform our daily experience as adults in a demanding social environment and help us to work more effectively with colleagues, parents and children.  Drawing on research from social neuroscience we will explore the power and potential of the role of the educator as well as the conclusion from this research that how we teach is as important as what we teach

It is a great opportunity at an admittedly busy time, maybe that is why we need mindfulness!

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