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Music: Turning the Tables - NPR's 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women

Come to LAKERS as Bridget Schroeder leads other campus deejays in discussing and exploring songs from the NPR Ranking of the  150 Greatest Albums Made By Women.    Adult only event. 

Our amazing campus deejays will guide you through mini-sets of the following artists from the NPR List:

Janet Jackson- Sandy
Tori Amos-Stacy
Queen Latifiah-Deb
Gillian Welch-Skye
Madonna (Like a Virgin)-Sandy & Deb
Cyndi Lauper- Catherine and Eileen
Shania Twain-Jen
Alison Krauss-Skye
No Doubt- Kelsey
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Angie
Carly Simon- Bec
Sonic Youth- Angie
Still choosing: Angela, Monique, Kathryn, and the host herself, Bridget

Jump onto Spotify or Youtube playlists to preview some of these amazing and legendary artists.

Some interesting tidbits:

Adam Tondowsky says:  I think they’re all by American or British Artists. Of course, the American ones include a handful of Latino records. There may be one or two additions to America or Britain but no more than that. I don’t think that’s unexpected though as I don’t know that it’s realistic to expect that the NPR editors will know a great deal of world music. Just simply rename this list in your mind as NPR’s greatest 150 British and American albums by women.

HR Sutton says: I just created Youtube playlists for the list but I divided them by decades because I don’t care about the rankings. This way I can see the progression from 1964 to 2016. The only two I couldn’t get were Liz Phair Exile in Guysville and Beyoncé Lemonade.

Here are the links: 1960s
2000s & 2010s

Hope you like them.

Later Event: October 25
Tutu Walk