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Employee Wellness Workshop

Mindful Teacher, Mindful School: Developing Self-awareness and Self-care in Ourselves and in Our Schools:

Mindfulness is ‘present moment awareness’, and there is now considerable and compelling evidence that developing mindful awareness is a very effective way of alleviating stress, anxiety and depression as well as promoting wellbeing and flourishing. This experiential workshop will provide an introduction to the theory and the practice of mindfulness, and will consider the growing evidence base for the benefits that it offers teachers and students.  Participants will explore ways to focus and sustain attention using physical sensations as anchors whenever the mind wanders.  As well as providing us with a ‘toolbox’ of techniques to apply in daily life, mindful awareness training can also help create a deeper sense of calm and space in a busy school day.

This session will include an introduction to mindful awareness curricula currently being used in primary and secondary schools.  We will also consider how mindfulness skills can connect to other areas of school life, to the development of enhanced social and emotional learning and to a broader culture of wellbeing in school communities.  

In order for us to provide a safe and nurturing environment, we also need to be able to understand and care for ourselves. We will explore in practical ways how developing greater self awareness can transform our daily experience as adults in a demanding social environment and help us to work more effectively with colleagues, parents and children.  Drawing on research from social neuroscience we will explore the power and potential of the role of the educator as well as the conclusion from this research that how we teach is as important as what we teach

It is a great opportunity at an admittedly busy time, maybe that is why we need mindfulness!

Later Event: September 23
Freedom Flow Mini-Retreat